Have you ever noticed this, {{firstname}}?

I never use “liquid fields”.

I know, “Liquid Fields” sounds like how you’d describe a rain-soaked Glastonbury, three days after everyone has buggered off…

In case you don’t know, liquid fields are those bits of an email you can personalise, like {firstname}, {town}, and {favourite member of Little Mix}.

You might have noticed that I never use liquid fields.

(In my mind, I’m imagining you looking at me quizzically…)

(Yeah… a bit like that, as you muster the courage to ask “prey tell, John. I’m keenly interested to hear why you do not partake in such an essential email marketing strategy…”.)

(Tell you what, How about I save us both the hassle and move to the transition?)

Here’s the problem with liquid fields…

They can make people lazy.

Some people think that slapping a few {firstname}’s in their emails automatically ticks the “talking to one person and building rapport” box, but, unless the rest of their email is well written…

… liquid fields could be doing them more harm than good.

There’s no point using {firstname} if you litter your email with phrases like.

“Hope you’re all keeping safe…”

“Just wanted to send a quick message to all my subscribers…”

“Whether you’re a customer, supplier, agent, or referral partner…”

Email is one of the most powerful, persuasive, and personal forms of media but only when your reader feels like you’re talking to ONE PERSON.

Do your emails feel like a conversation between two friends…

… or do they read like a hilltop proclamation to ALL your dedicated followers?

If it’s the latter, bad news – it doesn’t matter how many liquid fields you use…

… this “disconnect” means you’ll ALWAYS struggle to build a connection.

If it’s the former, and your emails do feel personal and friendly, good news – no matter whether you use liquid fields or not…

… you’ll NEVER struggle to build a connection with your people.

Long story short(ish) – don’t use liquid fields as a “hack”

Get into the habit of writing emails that FEEL like you’re talking to one single – REAL – human being…

… because you are.

Once you get that, you’ll be unstoppable because you’ll realise that you don’t need fancy tech or a “ninja-hack” to build a genuine connection with your tribe…

… you already have everything you need.

THIS ^^^ is just ONE of the ten (yes, TEN!) tips I dish out in a video I just uploaded.

It’s a 20-minute “not-very-masterclass” type presentation I gave in a FB group – quick tips to help you write more clearly, persuasively, while still being unmistakably “you”.

I did the training and thought to myself:

“Huh… that probably wasn’t the shittest training ever delivered.”

So I recorded it again, just for you, {firstname}.

(That would’ve been a GREAT place to use a liquid field BTW)

Here’s a link to the video:

If you’ve got 20 minutes and an inclination to improve your writing, making it easier than ever to sit down and crank out an email or a blog post that actually sounds like you wrote it…

… I’d love for you to check it out.

Here’s the link again

If you’ve got any questions, just ask. I’m happy to help.

Also, do let me know what you think of the video, as I’d love to do more, but only if they’re useful.