I really hope you appreciate this…

… but I’ve just gone full-on “Jack Bauer” for you.

You see, I woke up this morning to discover I had no power, no WiFi, and no discernible taste in fashionable sweaters.

(to be fair, I can only blame two of those on the power outage)

But… I wanted to shoot you a video.

I’d PLANNED to shoot you a video.

It was right there, on my “to do” list, between “mediate for 20 minutes” and “stop confusing ‘mediation’ with ‘meditation’, dumbass!”

Trouble is, I only had 11% on my phone.

This was REALLY gonna test my new “one-take only” video policy.

But I went for it anyway. I channeled my inner Jack Bauer and headed into my conservatory to take up the challenge of getting it done before the circle of doom kicked in.

It was COLD. So, now I’m channeling both Jack Bauer AND Wim Hof.

It took every bit of bravery, boldness, and courage I could muster, but… I got the video done.

I know, I’m a real hero.


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Have a good day,


P.S. Ever wish there was a way to enjoy the benefits of the video…

… but WITHOUT having to endure the agony of looking at my face?

Your prayers have been answered!

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