Why you’ve not got what you REALLY want… yet.


“I’ll take ‘Noises John makes when looking at the scales every morning since Lockdown’ for 500 please Alex…”

This past year has not been good for my waistline.

Don’t get me wrong, Channel 5 hasn’t come knocking, looking to make a TV series about me or anything…

… but I’ve let things slide.

I COULD make excuses:

“The kids are being homeschooled, so it’s hard to find time to exercise.”

“The shops are running out of food, so we have to make do with what we can get.”

“I find the thought of self-empowerment and betterment in a world beset by constant illness and despair, hopeless and depressing…”

You know, the usual…

(Fun fact – I’m no longer allowed to read bedtime stories)

Truth is though, I’ve just been doing more “fat” things than “thin” things.

Clever folk, whose job titles probably end in “-ologist” have found that the more you do something, the more you’re likely to do it in the future.

You burn a kind of “groove” in your noggin, and it gets deeper every time you do it.

(I’d make a record analogy here, but don’t want to get even more depressed when I get 80 replies from people younger than me asking, “what’s a record?”)

Bottom line: if I want to get healthier, I need to start climbing out the “fat groove” and start carving a new, thinner one.

I need to start doing more “thin” things.

Getting out of the old groove and carving a new one takes time though.

It’s not about making radical changes and “Jock Willink-ing” your way through.

It’s about making ittle-bitty changes and sticking to them so they become an easy-to-fall-in groove.

But let’s get away from fat me, just for a moment.

“Shouldn’t be hard – he can’t run very fast!”

Let’s talk about you and your business.

It’s easy to slip into “fat grooves”

(Man, I REALLY hope there isn’t a rapper called Fat Grooves)

Bad habits like:

  1. Spending hours on Facebook, trying to convince yourself you’re being productive.
  2. Networking, but chatting with the same people every single week, rather than stepping out your comfort zone and saying “Hi” to some new ones.
  3. Trying to find the next perfect course to buy, rather than putting in the world to the 724 you already have.

What if, instead of doing any of that unproductive nonsense that – let’s be honest – doesn’t move the needle, you started doing a few “thin” things, like:

  1. Use some of that scrolling time to write an email to your list – you know, those people who put their hand up and said “Yes, I’d like to hear from you!”?
  2. Introducing yourself to 10 new people a week and using a CRM system so you can effortlessly keep in touch without looking like a stalker.
  3. Stop watching that course… and start planning YOURS…

Remember – NOT radical, sweeping changes…

… just a few small shifts in the right direction.

If you want help shifting a few pounds, so you can elevate yourself from the couch without farting, I’m NOT the guy you need.


If you need help to MAKE a few pounds with your offer (without having to get up from the couch)…

… I could well be.

I’ve spent a crazy amount of time helping business owners create offers that their audience put their hands in their pockets for.

I’ve helped create the offers… the upsells… and the words to sell it.

I can do the same for you too, so if you feel like you’re stuck in a “fat groove” in your business, and need a friend to lift you out…

… hit reply and book a copy consult with me.

It’s usually £99, but because you’re an email buddy, you get an entire hour with me for ONLY £79.

I know. Insane, right?

Any questions, let me know.

Cheerio old bean!