Goodness gracious, great balls on a wire!

Philippe Petit is a fascinating guy.

The kind of guy that, when you read about all the awesome things he’s accomplished, makes you feel as productive as an apathetic sloth on Ket.

(Check out the movie “Man on wire” if you prefer your comparisonitis stimulants in cinematic form)

He’s the guy who did the high-wire walk between the twin towers, but I’ve gotta be careful…

… if I start listing all his achievements, talents, and skills, we’ll be here all sodding day.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about Philippe a lot recently.

No, I’ve no desire to risk my life with an extreme, daredevil stunt, like queuing dangerously close (1.98 metres) to Ethel the pensioner and her suspiciously violent hacking cough.

It’s more the “balancing act” thing that got me thinking.

When I heard that Twitter and Facebook had banned the 45th President of the United States of America…

(A statement that boggles my mind when I see it written down)

… it reminded me how precarious it is to bank everything on something you don’t control.

One wrong step and peeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww…. SPLAT!

(How do you make a falling noise BTW?)

Granted, most people aren’t quite as controversial as the Tango’d former host of “The Apprentice”, but…

… you’re missing the point.

The real problem is the UNPREDICTABILITY of these platforms.

Your social media “assets” can be pulled from under you at ANY time – whether you deserve it or not.

You don’t have to have done something wrong to:

  • Have your ad account blocked because someone mistook your copy of “the content planner for people who hate content planners” as “hate speech” (this actually happened to a client).
  • Lose sales because YouTube was down when you planned to go LIVE on the last day of your launch.
  • Not realising Twitch outlawed the word “simp”, so you get hit with the banhammer when you scream it into your headset while playing Fortnite on a Livestream.
  • See your FB ads tank, as Apple’s new update screws up your targeting.

A lot of business owners think avoiding politics, or edgy stuff keeps them “safe” on the socials.

It doesn’t.

It’s not just a case of being careful and avoiding controversial topics.

It’s about reminding yourself that you don’t have any control over any of these platforms.

Here’s another thing to consider:

Do you think this volatility is going to get better, or worse?

I’ve said it before, but if you woke up tomorrow to find that Zuckster, Dorsy et al had cashed out their chips, no longer wanting to play the data game…

… leaving you with this when you tried to log in to your paid-for Facebook group:

… what would you do?

If your answer rhymes with “flit my bants!”, you need to do something.

As an email copywriter, of course I’m going to suggest you start emailing your list.

Not because it’s a blatant pitch for what I do.

Not even because it’s a great way to build the know, like and trust factor marketing folk are always talking about.

But because email thrashes the pants off social media when it comes to selling.

Even when your socials are cooking, email is 40 TIMES more profitable.

Donald will be OK. He has more than enough assets, resources, and platforms open to him.

What about you though?

If you want to safeguard and protect your business, you need to build it on something solid and, while it’s not perfect by any means…

… email is your best bet right about now.

Know what you’re doing with email?

Great… get cracking!

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