“Yeah, but why is it orange… and what’s that smell?”

I’m not nearly an important enough person to write one of those “here are all the lessons I learned from 2020” type emails, but…

… I do feel reasonably OK sharing the single most important thing 2020 taught me (apart from how to spell “unprecedented” ) – the one change I made that had the biggest impact on my life…

That’s right, I started getting up at 4 AM, immediately downing a 3-litre bottle of Tizer before farting my way through 45 minutes of Hatha Yoga every morning.

The results have been INCREDIBLE.

I’m knackered, with less energy than an octogenerian, asthmatic gerbil… my deafening flatulence can be heard three villages over, and the doctor’s say that even if I live to the ripe old age of 1,000, my urine will STILL look radioactive… and smell like that.

OK, so none of that’s true, but here’s what I DID do:

I stopped being the one who says “no”.

2020 was the year I made a big change – I stopped wondering if I had any right to apply for jobs, seek advice, or start new projects.

Instead, I let the “other person” be the one to say “no thanks”.

So, I applied for stuff…

I asked for help…

I tried new projects and ideas…

My ADHD was lovin’ it!

Were they all winners?

Were they heckers like!

That’s not the point.

I didn’t do it to “crush” 2020 or have my #BestYearEver. I did it to stop holding myself back and getting stuck in “overthinking” mode.

(Overthinking for me is like driving with the handbrake on… while listening to a podcast called “All the reasons we hate you”, where everyone in your life tells you why you’re not good enough.

Having said that, it’s still better than my podcast.)

For once in my life, I didn’t talk myself out of stuff before I’d even started.

I kept going until I got a “no”.

When you keep going until you get a “no”, you no, sorry… KNOW you’ve done everything you can.

You’ve given it your all, and you have no regrets.

Don’t get me wrong, it still stings to be told you’re not good enough, but at least you’ll know the REAL reason it’s not for you, rather than the nonsense your brain came up with.

(“You see? If you’d have played more Tekken when you were 15, you’d have got that copywriting job…”)

Want someone to mentor you?


Perfect opportunity appears outta nowhere?

Apply. Don’t spend time convincing yourself the other candidates are better qualified, more experienced, or have better hair than you.

SPOILER ALERT: they’re not – they’re as screwed up as you are!

Let the “no” come from the person that matters…

.. THEN you can start bitching about ‘em on social media, stabbing those voodoo dolls, and considering that quiff.

Have a great Monday,


P.S. A more talented copywriter might have used this email to transition into a:

“… and if you’ve got a pitch you need help with, click here to book an hour with me and I’ll help you land that gig, connect with ‘him’, of finally get that %&£$(! paperboy to push your copy of Horse and Hound all the way through, so the end doesn’t get soggy when it rains.”

… type pitch.

Not me.

I ain’t that good.