You don’t have to create an ideal client…

Struggling to create your perfect customer avatar?

Try this…

Instead of spending a frantic, stress-filled, probably Pomodoro-timed 30 minutes, etching your ideal client into a stone tablet…

… try coming up with people who are a TERRIBLE fit.

You heard.

Take the pressure of finding the perfect client, by eliminating all the bad ones.

Oh, and instead of making this a 30 minute, “exam condition”, silence please! –  exercise…

… keep it as a working doc on your phone, adding to it as you go.

See someone talking a bit too openly about their clients on FB and it makes you cringe?

Add “loose talking clients” to your list.

Hate it when clients are slow to respond, especially to emails that have invoices attached to them?

Add “slow payers” to the list.

Allergic to 1990’s kid’s news reporters whose surname rhymes with “shaven”?

Add “John Craven” to the doc.

You get the idea.

Over days, weeks and months, you’ll build up a picture of what you DON’T want in a client…

.. which will show you exactly what you DO want.