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I was chatting with someone online a few days ago…

“I’m launching my new course this month.”

“Awesome. Let me know if I can give you a hand with any of the copy for it.”

(God, I’m a fabulous human being, aren’t I?)

“I should be OK. Just gotta get it into ClickFunnels and make some sales…”

“ClickFunnels, eh? So you’ve got a bunch of upsells and order bumps too?”

“No, just the course, but everyone I know uses CF, so might as well, right?”

– – –

January’s a time when the motivation to crush our goals is rampant.

Business owners are no different.

Often, we get so fired up to make our 2021 dreams come true, we go “hell for leather”, including buying all these fancy pants programs and software to make it happen.

Sounds like the logical thing to do, right?

After all, if you think you’re going to have a funnel this year, you might as well start forking out $97 a month for ClickFunnels now…

Same with email providers, design programs…

Whoa boy!

Before you get all excited and abuse your credit card to buy all these shiny things, think…

“What do I actually NEED to sell my shizzle?”

Because though you might think you need all this cool stuff…

… truth is, you actually only need three things to get the “dineros”:

  1. Offer
  2. Audience
  3. Copy.

Offer – come up with an offer that your customers are actually going to pay for and want.

Does it solve a valuable and pressing problem?

Is it at the right price point?

How do they want to consume it – via course? Book? Video? Telepathy?

Audience – find a bunch of people that

a) have the money to pay for this and

b) will actually put their hand in their pocket to buy it.

Copy – how are you going to sell it?

Unless you’ve opted for the telepathy option, you’re going to have to tell people about it.

Doesn’t have to be words. It can be video, podcast, graphics, or semaphore.

Here’s something Russell Brunson won’t tell you:

You’re not going to lose sales because your course isn’t on CF.

You’re gonna lose sales because:

  • It’s too expensive
  • It doesn’t solve a valuable problem
  • You didn’t explain the benefits clearly enough
  • You didn’t tell the right people.

Don’t be fooled by those flashy FB ads that try to convince you otherwise.

Offer, audience, and copy is what make a business successful.

Want to know if your course is going to sell?

Email your list about it and give them a “buy now” link.

Want to make 2021 the year that you finally start emailing your list?

Pick a free email service and START EMAILING.

You can always switch providers later…

… when you’ve got a list of 80,000 people, 14 products, and Richard Branson on speed dial.

Your offer won’t be a flop because you chose the wrong software.

It’ll flop because one of the Holy Trinity of – offer, audience, and copy – is out of whack.

This is something I talked about recently in a Copy Consult, where I helped someone dial into their audience, offer, and copy in just one quick conversation.

Truth is, they already had everything they needed for a killer offer…

… they just needed a fresh set of eyes on it.

The result?

One social post and she got a TON of engagement and messages from ideal clients wanting her offer.

Or, as she put it:

(10 points if you can spot the appalling Canva edit…)

No complicated systems or tech required.

Just a killer offer.

Already got yourself a great offer that your audience is going to love?


What are you still reading this for?


What’s that? You DON’T have an offer, or you’re not sure if yours is as awesome as it can be?

No worries.

Treating yourself to an hour with me is one of the easiest ways to create an offer that has clients lining up to work with you.

You. Me. 60 minutes. £79 (email buddy price only).

Want to book it now?

Hit reply.

Want to find out more and see if it’s a good fit?

Here’s the link you need:

Just think, in an hour, you’ll have an offer that you’re confident will help you achieve your 2021 goals.

(You’ll also probably have an answer to the much asked question, ‘What does a 45-year-old man look like when he crams an entire Tunnocks Teacake into his yapper?”)