Stop writing “copy” (do this instead)

You thought you were doing the right thing…

There’s a moment in business – when you’ve got over the initial excitement of working for yourself or learning how to spell “en-tre-pren-or” without a red squiggly line appearing beneath it – when you realise that you’re going to have to learn about marketing.

You learn that there are good and bad ways to talk about what you do.

“Benefits, not features”, someone yells at you.

“What’s in it for them?”, a Facebook friend pleads.

Pretty soon you discover a new word – copywriting – and learn that there are tips and tricks you can use in social posts, emails, and sales pages to help you sell more stuff.

Trouble is, the more time you spend in this copywriting rabbit hole, the more you start to second guess yourself.

5 years B.C. (Before Copywriting), you were quite happy to write something and click send.

Not now.

Now you’ve got a whole bunch of copywriting maxims, rules, and principles floating round in your noggin.

You have a quick peek to see how you measure up to “them”…

“What will they think?”

You Googled copywriting because you wanted to crank out more powerful words, not make you feel self-conscious about not measuring up.

End result?

You don’t click send.

And that’s a shame.

Cos if you want to sell stuff, the world needs to know how awesome you are.

It needs YOU to tell us.

If only you could unlearn all the pesky little copywriting niggles that are stopping you from clicking “SEND”…

If only there was a 10 minute 32 second lifejacket that you could use to rescue yourself from drowning in the world of copy.

A lifejacket that showed you the only FOUR things you need to do to write effective words for your business.

Grab your lifejacket here.


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