You only have 24 hours left…

First, the good news…

I’ve got a Christmas present for you.

Now, the bad…

It’s only good for 48 hours.

I should probably explain.

For a recent side project at work, I was asked to create a whole bunch of light-hearted cold email templates for various “asks”.

However, not all of these emails ended up being used, meaning I had a few stragglers left over.

Usually, I’d just scoop up all the unloved templates, cram them into a bag and toss them into a river, but…

… then I thought of YOU.

I thought about how these templates could make YOUR life easier, by giving you a ready-to-go email you can fire off whenever you wanted to:

  • Book a speaking gig
  • Get a spot on local radio
  • Get featured in the local paper
  • Re-engage with clients you haven’t spoken to in yonks!
  • Book more free “strategy session” calls
  • Deliver free ideas in a way that takes the relationship from “free” to “paid”
  • Ask to be an affiliate so you can earn extra monies
  • Scoop up referrals from people you’ve never even met

Pretty useful, right?

So that’s what I’m going to do. Tomorrow, I’ll shoot you a link to a doc where you can grab all these emails for free – my gift to you.

Now, about the 48 hours thing…

After writing these emails, and a whole load more, I realised how much impact these kinds of emails have, and how much fun they are to write…

… so I’m going to start working on creating a “pack” of “done for you” emails covering the most common “asks” freelancers, business owners, and service providers have.

That way, you’ll never have to sit down and do battle with the flashing cursor of doom, wondering how to persuade someone to get you on their podcast, for example.

These “rejected” emails will be part of that project.

So that’s why you’ve only got 48 hours to get your filthy mitts on ‘em.

If you miss out, the only way to get them will be to buy the package.

Don’t worry, the countdown doesn’t start until I send the email tomorrow, so you’ve still got 24 hours left before you have to fire yourself up and click a link.

For now, just relax and enjoy Sunday.

See you tomorrow,