Podcast #16 – The pricing “hack” that puts an end to haggling

When I was a magician, I made one, tiny change to my price that pretty much eliminated the amount of haggling I had to do.

Here’s what I did: I raised my price from £400 to £415.

Why did it work so well?

Because £400 seems a little too neat. Like you made it up or threw a dart into a dartboard.

£415, on the other hand… that sounds specific, right?

After all, there must be a reason it’s £415, and not £400… or £425.

There are a few more reasons why this works so well, and how it applies to online marketing (especially if you’re selling something for a price that ends in a “7”!)

You’ll have to check out the episode for those though.


Why not check out the other episodes while you’re here? (“Because I’m busy and there are better things to look at on the internet!”)


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