Here’s what I like about this… #2 – The one-legged golfer

So, here’s what I like about this…

There’s a lot to like about John Carlton’s adverts – he has a masterful way with words, unlike any other copywriter.

He’s probably the most ripped off guy in the game.

Even while writing this, I’m trying my damndest not to fall into the “Carlton trap”.

So today, let’s sit back and enjoy one of John’s most famous sales letters.

Not the whole thing mind…

(no, because this feature is gonna devour content like a rugby team that has been fasting for a fortnight)

Let’s just marvel at the headline…

Carlton is famous for having the wordiest headlines ever, which seems weird considering he’s always preaching writers to “make every word earn its place”.

Look at the headline again though.

Every word DOES earn its place.

Take one out and the headline’s dead in the water.

Today, I want to focus on one feature in the headline…

… this bit:

Think about how much power is in that little hyphenated word.

Think of the mental imagery it contains.

He could’ve said “easy”, “simple”, or “will work no matter whether you’re a hacker or a pro”, but he didn’t.

“One-legged”. That’s all it takes to get across everything you need to know about this.

And that’s what I want you to try.

Show, don’t tell.

Don’t tell me that your new computer programming course is easy…

… show me an Amish baby using it to crank out code to prepare for her interview at NASA…

Don’t tell me that you’re plumbing is child’s play to install…

…show me a cack-handed DIYer doing it with ease (my email is on this site somewhere if you need someone to cast in the starring role).

Simple. Easy. Fast. Better. Longer. Harder.

If your widget is any of those, don’t tell me about it…


Paint a clear picture in my mind of just how simple, easy, faster, harder, stronger, longer it is.

What can you do to SHOW your audience that your product or service gets the results your clients are after?

Here’s another great example of this…