Do I have the perfect podcast guest for you?

(No. Probably not.)

Yesterday, I was on a podcast and I wasn’t totally terrible.

(By that I mean that no-one died!)

I’d love to do some more podcasts.

As you can see from the photo, I’ve all the necessary tech requirements…

I have to be honest, I’ve no idea what makes for a good podcast guest, but I’m kinda banking on the fact that, since COVID came along, every man and his dog have set up a podcast as a way of keeping themselves busy and now – 8 months in – have now run out of guests.

If that’s you – worry no more! I’m the answer to “Who the hell are we going to have on this week?” problems.

Why should I come on your podcast?

Good question.

No, seriously, that’s a good question.

I have no idea.

Tell you what, why don’t I give you a rundown of some things I’m not totally shit at, and if you like any, send me a message.


1. I made a bit of a unique pivot when COVID hit, going from magician to copywriter.

2. I know all the lyrics to MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”.

3. I’ve had a few varied careers – accountant, croupier, timeshare salesman, radio presenter, mental health social worker and former Olympic Gymnast.

4. I’m physically unable to write a list of past careers without adding at least ONE blatant lie.

5. I know how to use comedy and personality in marketing so that not only do you attract customers who “get” you, it makes marketing easier… and more fun.

While I’m at it, here are some things I’m terrible at:

a) Consistency

b) Crafting a serious “do you know any podcasts who might like me on them?” post

c) Knowing when a joke has gone too far…

Seriously, if you’ve got a podcast… or FB group… or you know of someone who has and you’d think I’d be a good fit for an interview, “live” or a spot, let me know ( and I’ll see how I can deliver something your audience would love!