I’ve no idea what this is… but I’ve signed up for two years

I’ve signed up with a VPN service.

(If there’s a snappier way to begin an email, I’m yet to find it!)

If you don’t know, a VPN works by routing your device’s internet connection through a private server rather than your internet service provider (ISP) so that when your data is transmitted to the internet, it comes from the VPN rather than your computer.

The VPN acts as an intermediary as you connect to the internet, thereby hiding your IP address and protecting your identity.

I’ll be honest, before I signed up I didn’t have the foggiest about how a VPN works.

Still haven’t.

I copied and pasted those paragraphs from a tech website.

Worse than that though, I’ve realised that I have no idea what ‘VPN’ stands for.

Balls. I’m going to have to Google that now too.

Hang on a second…

(Virtual Private Network)

Point is, when it comes to VPN’s, I don’t give a toss about routing, transmission, privacy, and intermediary stuff.

I just have one question…

“Will it let me watch American Netflix?”

That’s the only thing I cared about.

It’s the same with YOUR customers too.

You see, as much as you’d like to think they love every single one of your delightful features and benefits…

… there’s only a couple that REALLY matter.

You might think they’re in awe of the font you spent three weeks mulling over for your ebook, but they’re not.

They only want to know if it’s going to bring them extra dosh, make their towels softer, and their left buttock firmer.

I imagine there are a lot of benefits to VPN’s – involving words like “megabit”, “encryption”, and “protocol”, but, for me at least, they hold zero interest.

‘I wanna watch “Grey’s Anatomy”!’

So, even though you should spend time thinking about ALL the benefits your product/service/widget can offer, remember…

… this isn’t a competition.

You don’t get customers by offering the MOST benefits…

… you get customers by discovering the benefits they care about most – and focusing on those.