Three questions

Tony Robbins is fond of saying ““Quality questions create a quality life”.

(He’s also fond of saying “How the hell did you get in here? Get out, Holt!”)

Regardless, asking better questions is often the first step to getting better answers.

With that in mind, the copywriter in me (I call him Francine) wants to give you three questions to help you with your client getting:

1. What does your ideal client/target audience REALLY want?

Go deep on this – keep asking “why do they want this until you get to something meaty

2. How can you help your customers get that?

Brainstorm all the ways. Then think about how you can improve all aspects of your service to help make their life better/easier.

3. What’s the best way to PROVE to your ideal client that you can help them get what they want?

Being helpful and useful is one thing, PROVING it is another. What do they need to see/experience so they believe you can help them?