How to get near-instant credibility

Here’s a fun thing to try on that gigantic whiteboard you mistakenly bought on Amazon.

(“I thought a single quotation mark meant inches! FFS!”)

Create a unique name for your thing, product, or service.

This might sound like the kind of pointless exercise people do to avoid real work, like faffing around on Canva, or replying to those “put your FB page below and let’s get some surprise orders” posts on Facebook, but coming up with a new and creative name for your thing is a great idea.

Here’s why…

Imagine I’m selling a product called the “keto diet plan” and a customer reading my sales page decides to find out more, so off they pop to Google to type “keto diet plan”.

What are they going to find?

Answer: a SHIT ton of stuff – from LOTS of different companies.

End result – they’re probably going to enter a Google Keto rabbit hole and never find their way back to my page again.


Let’s say, instead of “Keto Diet Plan”, I call it the “Fat Fuel Re-ignition Switch”…

(Let’s also assume I’ve bought the domain and have started posting using these words)…

What’s going to happen NOW if the customer decides to go on another Google adventure mid-way through my sales page?

Now, they’re not googling “Keto Diet Plan”, they’re searching “Fat Fuel Re-ignition System”.

What are they gonna find? 


No-one else.

Only me. 

No Google rabbit hole of death, but there’s also another benefit to this…

… it gives you near-instant credibility. 

After all, to be top of google for “Fat Fuel Reignition System” must mean I’m the best, right?

So… back to my sales page they go.

Note: do I really need to say that it’s not about deceiving your customer by coming up with a misleading name that isn’t a fair representation of your product?

I don’t? Awesome.

Another note: it’s also not about using flouncy and impressive-sounding words. 

It’s about coming up with a name for your system that resonates with you, your customers, and the product.

Here’s that question again…

“What would YOU call this?”