A quick question for you….

A simple question.

Actually, that’s not fair…

… “simple” doesn’t do it justice.

It’s more of a “super-super-oh-my-god-this-is-awesome” question because if you ask it EVERY time you sit down to write anything for your business…

… not only will your words become more compelling and impactful…

… you’ll draw dream clients to you like a freaking magnet while also scaring the pants off the nightmare ones.

Oh, and it also slashes your writing time in half and practically eliminates writer’s block.

Wanna know the question?

Awesome. Just send a postal order for £97,979,797.97 to…

… only joking. Here’s the question:

“Does this sound like something I’d say?”

You see, copywriting isn’t about assembling fancy words into some kind of magic formation…

It’s about communicating a message.

YOUR message.

To reach a point when they’re begging to say “TAKE MY MONEY!”, your clients need to hear YOUR message… in YOUR voice.

There’s a simple way to make sure this happens:


It’ll be obvious when you’ve written something that isn’t you. It’ll stick out like a cack-handed cobbler’s thumb.

(“Let’s take a walk with the idea Sherpa down the strategic staircase…”)

Whenever you find something, stop and ask:

“How would I say this?”

… and then read it again.

Better? Good.

Run EVERYTHING through the “Does this sound like something I’d actually say?” filter and everything you write will become easier and you’ll get more clients and customers that “get” you.

Hope that’s helpful.