How to succeed in business… by annoying my missus

Bit of a bargain for today – two nuggets of gold in one email.

First, the good stuff – the secret you’ve been dying to learn for YEARS…

… how to annoy my wife in one, easy sentence.

This might not sound like much of a challenge, but you’ve got to remember something…

… my wife is married to ME.

Her tolerance for stupid, annoying, and “OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?” is pretty damn high.

I’m willing to bet that if you brutally stabbed me, she’d still be pretty hospitable to you.

But if, when looking for a tea towel to clean your bloody knife, you asked “which PACIFIC towel can I use?”…

… she’d go bloody mental.

She has no tolerance for folk who don’t know their specifics from the pacifics.

So… now you know how to annoy my wife, let’s look at some pacific ways this can help you in your business.

Specificity is key.

(it’s also bloody hard to say!)

If you want one easy win in your business, being specific is the way to go.

If you’re going to claim something, be specific.

“This will save you money…”

Great. How much money? Are we talking enough to buy an extra Snickers bar without the wife knowing, or is it a…

“Hey, Elon! Great news! I can finally go 50-50 with you in SpaceX”…

… kind of payout?

“My roof insulation will save you energy…”

Energy, or cash? If energy, how much energy exactly? Will I no longer need my afternoon naps? 

Give me a ballpark, average figure.

Give me something to get me excited.

I’ve talked about specifics before, but if you want to move people to action, it’s vital.

Here’s the key:

It’s specific if they can picture it in their head.

Make sure every benefit you toss out is specific enough so they can form a clear mental image of it.

“It’s available in different formats… so you can learn Vulcan while exercising, walking the dog or stuck, swearing at traffic!”

“Our average customer saves £300 on their energy bills… that’s the same as a lovely weekend away for you and the missus or it could pay for the Christmas presents this year…”

“My athlete’s foot powder is 76.24% more powerful than store-bought brands… so people at the gym will stop throwing up and yelling “AAARRGGGHHH… MY EYES!!!” every time you take your socks off in the changing room!”

Specificity also helps when dealing with customers too.

“Just shoot me a rough draft towards the end of the week…”

“Don’t give it a full service… just do the main bits…”

“I think there is a possibility that this will do rather well…”

Be specific. You’ll sell more stuff, connect better with people, and suffer far fewer misunderstandings with your best clients.

Until Monday morning at 9:03 BST…