Why you NEVER have to go back to square one…

You might want to warm up your favourite clicking/tapping finger now because I come bearing clickable links.

Three, in fact.

“Are you forgetting the 36th rule of copywriting? ONE call to action per email, John… ONE!”

The first link is to the GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!!, where you’ll find the “All The Emails” doc, with some freshly added prompts for you to swipe.

To whet your appetite a little, this week’s offerings include an email you can send to your list TWICE, and…

… an easily automated email that e-commerce owners can use to generate extra sales AND keep more of their customers!

Also, if COVID-19 has affected your work, you might like this post I made on Facebook. I wrote it with entertainers and fellow magicians in mind but realised that anyone who’s affected by recent events could use the advice.

(Phew! Nearly said “unprecedented times”. Glad I dodged that cliche!)

Lastly, here’s ANOTHER post I slapped on Facebook (“slow weekend, John?”), this time offering free help to folk.

Of course, I committed a glaring error on this post.

Can you spot it?

Yes, you’re right…

… I should’ve sent it to YOU.

After all, YOU are the one who signed up for my email list.

YOU are the one that took an active interest in my work, and…

… YOU are the one I should be looking after first.


If you want my help with anything, hit reply to any of my emails, making sure to include the name of your 7th favourite MC Hammer track in the subject line for easy filtering.