Want my help with anything?

“You should retrain and look for new opportunities if your job has been affected by lockdown”.

Awesome. Thanks for that Rishi.

Super helpful.

Presumably, his next stop on his “advice train” was to a hospital ward to tell patients to “try getting better”, or to a war-torn country and asking them to “sort it out”.

It’s a scary time… and I’m sorry to say, I’m even shitter at giving advice than our Chancellor, but…

… if I can be of help with anything, just holler.

For the past few months, I’ve been a full-time direct response copywriter.

Now, I know that sounds all fancy and shit, but essentially it just means I write words that sell stuff.

Emails… sales pages… VSL’s… yadda yadda yadda.

I spend 100% of my day helping business owners come up with offers, find angles, tweak hooks, discover markets, create upsells, test ideas, and figure out what’s going to help them sell enough of their thing to achieve their goals.

Got an idea in your head, but don’t know where to start?

I can probably help.

There’s no cost for this.

No “price probably ends in a 7” offer.


I was able to go from social worker to full-time magician only because of a few awesome people who were kind enough to help me.

Same with transitioning into copywriting.

I’ve been super lucky.

I’d like to pay it back.

So, if you ever think I can be of help with anything, just hit me up.

I won’t write your entire funnel for you, but I’m happy to give you my thoughts and a shove in the right direction if you think it’d be useful.