How to saw your Koch off

(FYI: 99% of the time, I write the email first and THEN the subject line. Not today)

I’m gonna break a bit of a rule with today’s email (if the subject line didn’t snap the “good taste” one in half already!).

I’m going to reference TWO separate books.

Here’s why…

This whole COVIDIUM MAXMIALIS has offered most of us a chance to have a bit of a reset.

Some, like me, have used it to shift careers, others to change their priorities.

I know it’s been a bit shit an’ all (oooooh get me and my fancy scientific terms!), but there’s no doubt that the past few months have given most of us the chance to, as Stephen Covey would say:

“Sharpen the saw.”

…to get a little bit better at things, develop new habits and make some changes.

Now improving yourself is all well and good, and is definitely something to applaud…

(… on Facebook, before bitching about them behind their back when you go out for a drink, obviously)

Now, what I’m about to tell you is the most “first world problem” thing I’ve ever written. I’m only warning to save you from bashing the “REPLY” button and accusing me of it in all CAPS!

At the new job, I have access to a motherlode of training videos, files, courses and everything.

The only way I can describe it would be a “copywriters wet dream” of training.

The tendency to dive in and devour everything is overwhelming.

(I wish I’d not used the “wet dream” analogy now)

What I’ve noticed when I do head into blitz through everything at 2x speed is that I’m going for the “fun” stuff – the lessons that I kinda already know.

In other words, I’m doing the easy stuff.

You could argue that any learning is good learning, but I’d disagree.

And so would my friend, Mr Koch.

Richard Koch is famous for writing books on the 80/20 – the idea that everything is NOT equal – some things have more impact than others – and that we should be finding those “vital few” things, and putting our focus there.

So, with my “first-copywriting-wet-dream” problem. Before I head off into the OTHER Google Drive of awesomeness, I should analyse which of the training is likely to have the biggest impact on me.

Which is going to REALLY move the needle for me?

If I could only choose ONE, which would it be?

Are there any that make everything else easier (or unnecessary)?

Which option is likely to give me the best bang for my buck?

It’s when you start to ask questions like this ^^^^ that you realise that it’s not a case of working your way through, ticking boxes as you.

Choices matter. When you say “YES” to one thing, you’re saying “NO” to many others.

So, if you are using this time to “sharpen the saw”, firstly – good on you.

And second, put some thought into what activities would yield the best returns for you.


 P.S. I’m thinking of slapping up a “Things I’ve found useful on my way to being a middle-aged copywriter” page on my website.

 (Title may be subject to change)

 I’d like this to be usefulso if you have any questions that begin:

 “Which book/course/program would you suggest for ______?”

 Hit reply and ask and I’ll put something together for you.