“Shall I pop Basic Instinct on again Nan?”

There’s a reason I don’t sit down on a sharp and pointy bed of nails, with a nice hot cup of urine, and settle down with my nan to watch Basic Instinct.

It’s because I don’t find the idea of it comfortable.

At least, I didn’t the last 4 times I tried it.

“Comfortable” isn’t a word used a lot when talking about business and marketing.

(though, admittedly, it’s probably used more often than “Basic Instinct”)

Comfort is a good idea to keep in mind though.

Brace yourself, I’m going to be referencing James Clear and his “Atomic Habits” book again in a minute.

James Clear (sorry, I should’ve said “seconds”) talks about the idea of making desirable actions easy.

Want to start going to the gym in the morning? Put your workout clothes by your bed, or even better, sleep in them. Or even better, sew them into your skin, so you have to have them surgically removed.

(Not all those ideas were in the book, but I’m rather good at getting the gist of things)

It’s the same with your marketing – we do the stuff that easy.

The comfortable stuff.

We make a social post rather than a phone call.

We go to the same networking group again and again, rather than trying a new one.

If there’s something that you’re not doing, but you know you should, have a think about ways of making it more comfortable.

When most people realise they need to make a change, they make the mistake of going “all in”.

The Snickers king suddenly decides to cut out sugar.

The couch potato decides to start running marathons.

The business owner who couldn’t remember his Mailchimp login 5 minutes ago is suddenly emailing 5 times a day.

(All these are me, BTW)

We know what happens.

It’s over almost before it began.

We need to make it easy.

There’s no rush.

One small step every single day will get you there.

Maybe it’s cutting out one sugary snack per day for a while, then two…

Maybe it’s putting on your trainers and going for fast walks every day until you feel like you could pick up the pace.

Maybe it’s opening up a word doc and typing for 10 minutes every single day.

We can’t fight our natural tendencies to resort to doing what’s comfortable.

What we CAN do is choose what comfortable actions we take.