Welcome to Monday, which, from now, will be renamed “TEYCSTW day”.

(I’ve started a petition on Change.org and my mum shared it on Facebook, so it’s DEFINITELY going to happen!)

What better way to start your working week than with a trio of tempting telecommunication treats?

(You try finding a synonym for “prompts” that begins with a “t”)

Let’s crack on as we’ve both got places to go and people to wedgie

1. Advantage newbie!

Bad habits.

We all have them.

Whether it’s picking our nose, using our phone while driving, or picking our noses WHILE using our phone while driving…

… we all have things that we’d be better off unlearning.

In some cases, it’d be easier if we were a complete beginner.

It’s probably the same with you and your job.

Whether you’re a personal trainer with bad form or a terrible teacher WITH a bad form…

… there are situations where you probably wish you could press CTRL + ALT + DELETE and start over again.

In cases like that, the newbie actually has the advantage.

It’s worth pointing this out to your customers who are just starting out on their journey.

You see, when you’re a beginner, the gap between where you are, and where you want to be is as big as it’s going to get.

It’s scary and daunting and it’s easy to think, “why bother?”

At times like these, it’s worth giving them a prod and reminding them of ways in which they’re actually AHEAD of some of the “advanced” folk…

… to gee them up a little bit.

Spend an email showing them how they’re ahead and how, if you’re advanced, it might pay off to start over as a beginner every once in a while.

Here’s my version of this email.

2. What’s that you got there, Dave?

We all have a magic briefcase…

… don’t we?

For example, when I was a magician my “magic briefcase” was my magic briefcase.

Whenever I put it down, I could see everyone’s eyes following it, wondering what was inside.

(Side note: I thought it would be hilarious if I had a duplicate case, with just a dead rabbit inside that I “accidentally” left at gigs. Then, when the “far-too-nosey-for-his-own-good” guest cracked it open to find my secrets, he’d be greeted by the departed bunny. Note: I NEVER DID THIS!)

Thing is, you don’t need a magic briefcase to have a magic briefcase.

People are nosey beggars, they wanna know what stuff you’re using.

They want to look into your toolbox…

Peek inside your van…

Rummage under your hood…

(Honestly, I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I tried REALLY hard to not make those innuendos)

So… what’s your “magic briefcase” – the thing all your customers ask to look at?

Spend an email talking about it: why you chose it… when you got it…

… whatever is relevant.

Give ‘em a peek inside.

3. If Apple did ________

In the UK, Carlsberg had the “if Carlsberg did….” commercials- basically showing how perfect all areas of life would be if only we let Carlsberg have a go.

That, in itself, would make for a rather good email – how your service/market would be if everything was perfect, but let’s try something else…

What would your service look like if Apple entered the market?

That’s right… forward-thinking, expensive, sleek, minimalistic, elegant, connection-focused, lifestyle-centric; imagination-based; innovative; passionate; aspirational…

… THAT Apple.


What would your product or service look like if they entered your market?

If Steve Jobs was standing on a stage, facing the world, telling them about Apple’s solution to bathroom installation…

… how would that look?

What would he be talking about?

What problems would he be solving?

What would their tools look like?

Would it be better, or worse than your solution?



How was your first “TEYCSTW Day”?

Enjoy it?

Need a lie-down?

As ever, let me know which was your absolute favoritest of the bunch, and which, if they were children, you’d be offering up for adoption.

See you tomorrow,