An easy solution to writer’s block

Funny thing, writer’s block.

As Seth Godin has pointed out, we never suffer from talkers block.

Ever wonder why that is?

When you’re writing an email, even though you remind yourself that you should be writing to one person…

… it still FEELS like you’re making an official broadcast.

Like you’re standing at a podium addressing the entire nation.

“Holy shit. This better be good.”

It’s like we’ve taken the bar of excellence, passed it to Fatima Whitebread and asked her to throw it as high as she can.

(I really need to update my sports references…)

I’m going to ask you the same thing I asked every girl I dated in high school…

… lower your expectations.

That ^^^^ is the best way to never run out of things to write.

Note: I did NOT say “take the piss”.

You still have to give people something of value.

When I say “lower your expectations”, I mean realise that every email doesn’t need to be a life-changer.

Every email doesn’t have to have the benchmark of “if you only read one thing this year…”.

Just show up and serve your people.

Entertain, educate, and inform.

Make them laugh, make them think, make them better…

… even if it’s in a small way.

If you’re not emailing, posting, or talking to your people because you’ve not got a game-changer of an email to send them, do yourself a favour…

… and lower your expectations.