3.7 important things [PLEASE READ]

A few things today:

Thing the first… a quick piece of advice: if you’ve spent time nurturing an email list, you should always give them fair warning if you decide to change things up a bit…

Thing the second: I’m changing things up a bit…

Things in my new role have changed (don’t worry, it’s good), so I’ve decided to change my emailing habit.

I’ll explain more in a future email.

Anyway, starting today, I’ll be emailing 5 times a week (Monday thru Friday).

Those of you with access to a calendar will realise that this means the Sunday email is no more…

“Oh no! What about ‘Three Emails You Can Send This Week’ email?”, I hear 32 of you cry…

Don’t worry, I’ll still be giving you some email prompts, but they’ll be sent on Monday instead.

Can you hang on for an extra 24 hours?

(BTW, that was the third thing)

As for the “0.7” thing…

You’ll find out about that tomorrow.

If you’re not happy with any of these changes, that’s OK. There’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.

If you decide to click it, don’t worry… I’ll still love you.

(though you will be downgraded from “Hi 5 and bro hug” to “hearty handshake and curt nod” should we ever meet! So you might wanna choose wisely…)

Any questions? Just ask.