A few years ago, I came up with a gag…

(if you have any skin weakness issues in the lateral abdominal area, you may want to look away…)

“Convince people you’re a YouTuber by saying ‘Hey guys…’ and then talking utter shite for ten minutes.”

It didn’t get me on SNL.

It came from the torture of having to endure many, MANY “personalities” (and I use that term inaccurately) that both of my daughters watched over the years.

It’s hell.

This email is my attempt to get some material out of this annoyance.

So, here’s my top 3 list of marketing lessons you can learn from annoying, frustrating, irritating, high-pitched, far too energetic for my liking, “do-they-ever-bloody-stop-to-take-a-breath” YouTube folk.

1. They end on a clear call to action. 

Sure, it’s annoying as hell to hear them say “don’t forget to share, like and subscribe to the channel and make sure to click the bell, so you don’t miss any new videos” the exact same way…


… but it’s a fine example of what you should be thinking about every time you put something out in the world.

They’ve read your content or listened to your episode…

What do you want your audience to do now?

Awesome. Now tell them to go do it.

2. They start by telling you what you’re in for. 

“In today’s video, we’re gonna be…”.

Gotta give ‘em points for this too.

Any time you can lay the groundwork for what the audience is in for, you make their life easier. 

Do that and they know what mindset they need to be in to absorb whatever you’re about to hurl at them, without having to think.

Thinking is a distraction away from what you’re trying to tell them.

Don’t make them think too much. Make their lives easy.

3. They edit out the shite. 

Watch YouTube vloggers and you’ll notice lots of little jump cuts everywhere. It seems like they never pause for breath.

They know that one second is all it takes…

One moment when they’re not speaking, or doing something interesting and those fickle teenagers will be off…

… looking for another annoying teen to watch.

(They know that they’re spoiled for choice!)

Cut, cut, cut.

It’s the same when you’re writing something.

Legendary copywriter John Carlton is always saying “make every word earn its place”.

(OK, so he’s probably not ALWAYS saying it. He probably says other things too, like “do you have any croissants perchance?”, you know… stuff like that)

(Also, I’m terrible at this editing bit, so please resist the temptation to call me out on it…)

(Also also… who the hell do I think I am using three consecutive bracketed sentences?)

  • A clear call to action, 
  • Strong introduction,
  • Edit until it’s as tight as possible.

Put those three things to work in your emails, and you’ll get more engagement…

… and sell more stuff.

Hope that’s useful.


P.S. Got an iPhone?

Use Trello?

Not totally embarrassed at the thought of saying “Hey Siri!” in public?

This could be helpful…