Hey up, you bloody legend, you!

Happy Sunday!

I hope the week’s treated you well.

After my egotistical boast-fest of an email this week, I thought I’d make it up to you today by not telling you how bloody amazing I am, and giving you something really useful instead.

A “fill-it-in-as-you-go-along” welcome sequence.

Now, I have got to stick to the rule.

This email is TEYCSTW – Three Emails You Can Send This Week, so I’m only going to give you three emails.

Usually, welcome sequences run for at least twice that, but if you don’t have one in place to nurture new subscribers and help build the “know, like and trust” factor, this one will do until you get your arse in gear.

(Besides, I’ve got a sneaky tip to drag these three out a little more coming up…)

So, without further ado…

(apart from this bit, which, is admittedly a “bit”, but not a “lot” of ado)

Here’s a quick guide to creating 3 welcome emails you can automate to fire off to new subscribers.

Email #1 – sent immediately after subscribing

This is where you thank them, deliver the lead magnet and set the expectation level.

So, sit down and create an email that ticks all these boxes:

  • Say “Hi!” and welcomes them to your world.
  • Thank them for downloading/subscribing and for taking the time to take a chance on you.
  • Give them a pat on the back for taking a small step towards achieving [GOAL].
  • Deliver the freebie they asked for.
  • Tell them how often you’re going to appear in their inbox and what you’re going to be talking about, so they know what to expect.
  • Encourage a reply (to help both whitelisting AND engagement) or, at the very least, ask them to whitelist your emails.
  • Tease them into looking out for your email tomorrow, where you’ll reveal the biggest lesson you’ve learned about [TOPIC].
  • Pop a P.S. in there with another link to the freebie they asked for.

Email #2 – sent 1 day after email #1

This email is going to tell them a little bit more about you. We’re not looking for a biography that Walter Isaacson would look at and say, “Fook me… that’s a big ‘un”.

You’re just going to give them enough so they get a feel for you.

  • Start the email by asking them if they’ve looked at the freebie yet. Encourage them to do so. (feel free to toss in a few “the tip on page 12 saved me £000’s last year…” type teases)
  • Give them a few paragraphs about how you got started in this line of work – the before and after. Focus on the moment things REALLY changed for you – the revelation… the most important lesson you teach. Tell them what that is, and how you’ll share more of this in future emails, along with other awesome stuff.
  • Ask them to reply with any questions they have about [TOPIC]. 

Email #3 – sent 1 day after email #2

Email #3 is the highlight package – you’re going to link to your best content.

Now, since I’m bound by strict laws to only give you a maximum of 3 emails every week, I’m going to suggest you slap link all your best posts into one email with a short sentence explaining why they should click.

So, for example…

“If you’d like to learn how to crochet a full-size turtle using only the hair collected from your bath plug, then you’ll love my article By the love of God – what the hell is that, Janice? And what’s that smell? Christ! Did something die in here?

But… if I wasn’t contractually bound to three emails, I might suggest you create three or four separate emails, each with a link to a different podcast, blog, or video that solves a pain point for your audience and go into a bit more detail.

As I say, that’s what I’d say IF I wasn’t shackled to three emails…

So that’s yer lot for this week.

I echo what I said on Thursday – if you haven’t got an autoresponder set up to welcome new subscribers and nurture them, bump it up the priority list.

I know it seems like a nightmare to sit down and write a bunch of emails at once…

(especially when Insta is calling!)

… but you only have to write it ONCE. 

After that, all you have to do is plug ‘em in and KABLAMMO!

They’re working for you… ALL THE BLOODY TIME!

And, considering I’ve just given you three to start off with, it’s never been easier.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Speak to you tomorrow.