Why I unsubscribed from Darren Hardy

This is the type of bullshit that really winds me up.

I signed up to Darren Hardy’s webinar. It’s one of those “we-have-it-playing-pretty-much-247-but-you-still-have-to-specify-a-time-and-date-to-attend” things, which I’m totally OK with by the way.

That’s fine.

What I always do with these webinars is to grab the earliest possible showing available.

I do this because I know that work, family or my predisposition for eating colossal amounts of food will ultimately distract me from attending the “LIVE” version and that the “replay now available” email will land in my inbox, allowing me to watch it on MY time.

I’m a human being and I’m allowed to do this (I’ve checked).

What really winds me up is the fake pressure and time sensitivity they put in the emails afterwards (see screenshot below).

“And I just KNOW that he’s going to ask about you!”

(I may have added the exclamation point for emphasis).

Really Britt?


You have a meeting with Darren Hardy – best selling author and expert media contributor (his words, I have no idea what that means) and, when you get in there, his first words are going to be:

“Is John from Chester OK? Have you checked to make sure? I’ve not slept. I was worried sick. No, forget about the interview with Forbes dammit. Let’s just check that John’s OK. Get my coat. If we set off now, we can just make the 5 o’clock ferry and get there in a couple of days. Yes, I know we have a sauna meeting with Tony Robbins booked at four, but this is JOHN FROM CHESTER DAMMIT!



It’s this kind of blatant lying and falseness that really turns me off.

Darren Hardy probably has loads of value to offer, but, because of this nonsense, I’ll never know. I’m not watching the webinar.

I immediately lose respect for anyone who uses this kind of nonsense.

What’s wrong with:

“Hi, John,

My all-powerful, all-knowing (and super expensive) automation system (I call him “Bernard”) tells me that you signed up for the webinar, but didn’t watch it.

If you weren’t able to make it because life got in the way, no worries. 

Here’s a link to the webinar replay, so you can watch it in your own time. I’d also suggest grabbing a piping hot brew and a biscuit too (Bourbon, obviously!).


I’d love to know what you think of the webinar, let me know if you have any questions.



I got another email…

Part of me want to resubscribe to see how far they take this…

Another addendum


Guess who showed up at my front door this morning?

You couldn’t believe it.

Darren WAS worried about me.

He apologised for his tardiness (his ferry sank, so he had to swim the last 867 miles) and also for his unkempt appearance (his Windsor knot had descended into a half-Windsor monstrosity and was also slightly askew), and I invited him in and put the kettle on.

We sat…we talked….we hugged. He even shed a tear (it turns out I was stood on his foot) and then we hugged again.

Anyway, turns out that his webinars ARE live – every single one of them. He’s not been showing them for the past few days, through fear as to what happened to me, so, he had to get back home sharpish to feed his big, scary automation machine (which, turns out, only automates Nespresso pod purchases).

Before he left, I manage to grab a quick photo. 

I apologise for my appearance. Yesterday was chest day and I had done over 3 push-ups.