On a scale of 1-73, how excited are you about this?

If you read the first line of my email yesterday, you’ll have seen me announce that I had exciting news.

Of course, excitement is subjective, so I can’t guarantee you’ll feel the same.

How about I tell you my idea and you can choose your own level of enthusiasm for it?

I’ve been wanting to create an info product of some kind for a while.

The thing that’s held me back is that every man and his bloody dog has a funnel of some sort nowadays.

The bloody world is drowning in shitty PDF’s and courses that people have no business creating in the first place…

… and I’d hate to be like that.

Besides, whenever I think of something I COULD make a product about, there’s always someone, somewhere who’s done a better job. 

Why create a new course when I’d be better off pointing people to an already great resource?

(this is one of the reasons my “Experimental Surgery For Beginners” class was such a miserable failure. That, and the 17 murder cases…)

For the past couple of months though, an idea has been brewing.

I thought it was shit. To be fair, I had good reason to think this – most of my ideas are. 

(If you don’t believe me, you clearly didn’t read the “experimental surgery” bit above)

This one kept coming back to me though:

I want to show freelancers how to sit down and write emails and blogs.

NOTE: Not the tactics, structure or elements of email and blog writing…

… I want to teach them how to plonk their ass in a chair, write something that sounds like them and hit send without any of the worry, panic and fear that a lot of folk experience when publishing ideas.

You see, the whole “Insert Gag Here” thing was never about being funny.

It was always about being “you”.

“Give your customers a reason to choose you.”, I always say.

I honestly believe this is the best way to do business.

Stop hiding behind a “professional” image, and let the people get a sense of what you’re about.

THAT ^^^^ is something I can teach.

Because, when it comes to being YOU, it’s not something you have to learn…

… it’s something you have to unlearn.

It’s not learning a new skill to add to your armour…

… it’s learning how to take off all the bullshit armour you protect yourself with and letting the world see you.

It’s what magicians and comedians do to make themselves stand out.

It’s what I do as a copywriter when coming up with hooks and angles for clients.

It’s not about creating something funny, shocking, controversial or weird.

(Unless you actually are funny, shocking, controversial or weird. In which case, go nuts! Also, Hi Donald!)

It’s being comfortable staring at the flashing cursor and writing about things you want to write about…

… HOW you want to talk about them.

It’s about not being afraid of what people think.

It’s about realising that the point of marketing is to put enough of yourself out there so that dream clients love you and everyone else goes “eerrggghhh”

… and you being OK with that.

Give me one sentence from my favourite emailers and I’ll be able to tell you who wrote it.

^^^^ That’s what you’re after – the ability to write something that is unmistakably you.

That’s a problem I can help you with.

So that’s what I plan to do.

This is still very early stages, but I’m looking for testers.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea how this will look, but I know what the prototype will be – a shockingly basic PDF with links to unlisted YouTube videos, each with a daily action to complete.

Give me two weeks and I reckon I can take you from “AAAARRRGGGHHH – a blank screen!” to “I couldn’t give a rats ass if I used the wrong version of ‘your’…SEND!”.

I can help you overcome the biggest barrier to creating words that win you clients…

… YOU!

If you’re interested, let me know by placing a blue marble in your left sock…

… or by replying to this email.