Welcome to TEYCSTW – The Egyptian Yodeller Caught Shagging Tiger Woods.

(We’re up to issue #10 – even I have no idea what the bloody acronym stands for any more!)

Three emails you can steal coming right up…

1. 12 RULES

You’ve probably heard of Jordan Peterson.

Now… let’s not get mired in the “is he a good guy or the reinvention of Satan?” argument that seems to be raging…

I happen to like the guy.

Regardless, a couple of years ago, he wrote a book called “12 Rules For Life” that did rather well.

(The Lincoln branch of Waterstones sold over 3 copies alone!)

So let’s blatantly steal that idea, shall we?

Come up with your own set of rules.

You don’t need to come up with – or stop at – 12.

Have as many as you like.

If you can give your customers a peep into the principles that underpin your work, you give them a reason to choose you over the other guys, so put your thinking cap on and come up with some rules!

2. “I will not talk about what happened at school…”

Because your childhood is such a rich source of material (and mostly because therapy is expensive), use one of your emails this week to talk about your school days and how it links to what you do now.

Don’t just look for the blatantly obvious links either.

Sure, if your hypermobile History teacher who was fluent in French is a big reason for you becoming the world’s leading Gallic gymnastics correspondent, put that down, but look for the non-obvious stuff too.

For example, I always found it weird that the funniest teachers at school were also the most strict.

This might just be me, and my school but there’s probably something there that’s worth exploring.

(I guess we’ll see if I ever send you an email about it)

So spend some time having a think back to the “best days of your life” and find a link to what you do now.


The last one is probably the easiest email of the bunch.

Write an email answering the most common question you get asked.

If you’re lucky enough to have customers who interact with you, all the better.

Pick a detailed question – one you can really go into depth on and give some specific, actionable advice they can use.

If you don’t have a question, go “full Abagnale” and blag it.

– – – 

That’s your TEYCSTW helping for this week.

Don’t forget, if you’ve missed out on any of the other 9 issues, you can find them all… inside your heart.

(wait… I think I might be confusing TEYCSTW with “the secret to eternal happiness”. You can find all the other issues inside the GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!!)

Have a good [whatever the hell day it is]!