TEYCSTW – Crude abbreviation – used by an almost certainly lazy copywriter who enjoys doughnuts and murder mysteries.

Usage example: 

“Have you read John’s latest TEYCSTW email?”

“Yes, it was an absolute pile of shite. I’m going to unsubscribe. I can’t believe I gave birth to him.”

– – – 

1. What Gets You Excited?

Brace yourself – I’m gonna throw a couple of ideas at you, machine-gun style…

They say that excitement is contagious. No, I’ve no idea who “they” are either, but, for the purpose of this email, let’s just imagine that it’s true for the next 87 seconds.

Brian Tracy often says that sales is “the transfer of enthusiasm from the salesman to the prospect”. 

(At least he does at our weekly underwater charades game)

Excitement is contagious…

Sales is a transfer of feeling…

What can we take from this? 

(Apart from the idea that I probably need to get out more)

As I see it, if WE get excited about something, we can use that excitement to create a similar state in our customers.

Excitement is a good thing. At least, I think it is. I’m 44. Excitement for me involves being able to find the TV remote after my youngest has watched TV.

What gets you excited? What can you write about that shows what lights you up?

Not only does it create a more positive email, but it also gives them a peek into YOU.

It tells them a little bit more about you, and that’s never a bad thing.

(OK… sometimes that’s a pretty terrible thing, but you seem reasonably well-adjusted)

2. OH – The Horror!

Every industry has their horror stories and con artists. It’s time to bring them out, show them off to the world…

… and scare the pants off your list.

Granted, some markets and niches (or “niches” if you’re from the US) have more charlatans, and are more dangerous, than others, but EVERY industry is blessed with at least someone who is, as my local vicar would say, an absolute fucking shithead.

Find some really bad examples from your market and share them with your readers. This isn’t just to make you look good. Your customers need to know these cowboys are out there, looking to separate them from their dollars.

Life Coaches on Instagram are quick to tell you that there are two ways to get to the top – lift yourself up, or push other people down.

This is one of those “push other people down” moments.

Don’t feel bad… those fucking shitheads deserve it.

3.Back to square one

John Lee Dumas, host of “Entrepreneurs on Fire” (a rather brutal, if not totally justified premise) used to ask every guest:

“If you had to start over again tomorrow, what would you do?”

It’s an interesting question, and one worth pondering on yourself…

… so you can write to your list about it.

If you’ve been in business a while, you’ll know quite a lot.

You might not think you do, but you do.

Your ideas, beliefs and principles have probably changed over the years.

For example, when I got into magic, I spent years browsing forums, learning sleights. I thought that’s what would get me ready to perform.

Turns out, I was wrong. 

The only way you get ready to perform is by actually performing.

If someone asked me today how to be a magician, my advice would be very simple:

“Learn three tricks… get them down so you can do them in your sleep… then, go perform them for as many people as possible.”

You have a couple of directions you can go with this angle – you can focus on your career or the transformation.

If you were starting over from scratch…

… how would you get to where you are now? Would you even get to where you are now?


… how would you go about achieving the transformation you offer customers?

– – – – 

That’s your TEYCSTW fix for this week.

Have a great Sunday!