It’s TEYCSTW time!

That’s right…

If you’re wanting to reach out to your list with some words of wisdom that’ll make their lives better…

… but can’t be bothered to think of some ideas of your own, this is for you.

Three short prompts you can use to stimulate your senses and kick the arse of the dreaded blank screen of death.

Enough with the metaphors.

Let’s go, people!


In a previous prompt, I suggested you talk about one of the biggest lies in your world.

Exposing untruths is a good thing to do.

Any day you can steer your people away from danger is a good day.

Let’s look at this idea again, only not from such a harsh angle.

“Lies” imply manipulation and a little bit of evil.

Let’s explore some myths instead.

Now, you’re not gunning for people, you’re just busting a few of the more common myths you people might be believing.

Make a list of all the things your audience believe to be true that aren’t.

Don’t filter, just jot them down.

When you’ve got a list, think of how best to deliver it.

For example, if there’s one myth that’s causing 99% of their problems, focus on that. If there are lots of little smaller myths, come up with a top 5, 6 or 8 and email that.

What myths do you need to bust for your people?


Regardless of the result your audience wants to achieve, there’s the fastest way of doing it.

It might not be the way you’d recommend, but there IS the fastest possible way…

Tell them what it is.

Of course, depending on your niche, you might have to issue a warning, such as…

“Following this course of action may result in you:

  • losing your hair, 
  • suddenly being unable to operate a George Foreman grill, and worst of all…
  • Becoming a fan of Kanye West

For example, there is a super-fast way to learn a new and valuable skill – spend every single hour of your life focused on learning it.

Ignore friends, family and take sick days off from work to rack up more hours, as fast as humanly possible.

Sure, in the end, you’re broke, unhealthy, desperately alone and miserable, but none of that matters, because you’ve finally learned how to code your Sinclair 48k Spectrum.


What’s the fastest way possible for your audience to achieve their result?

Have fun with this. Embellish it. Tell a story. Paint a picture of what it would look like.

Make sure they realise you’re having fun and maybe use it as a segue into why the quickest way is not always the best way.

3. “PORNH…er, I mean ‘BLOOMBERG… yes, definitely Bloomberg…’”

You probably have a favourite website.

Not that one.

I meant for work. There’s one website you go to again and again, whether it’s to check the latest research, pick up some tips or one that gets you thinking a little.

What is it?

Share it with your audience and tell them what you like about it, how long you’ve been checking it, and why you use it more than the others.

The very latest research shows that there are over 24 different websites out there.

24! CRAZY!

Your customers are spoilt for choice, so make their life easier, by letting them in on your browsing history… just a little.

How does it help make your life better?

Boom – three email prompts for the week done.

Have a great week and thanks for not noticing that I didn’t email you on Thursday.

Were you worried?

Maybe see you tomorrow…