How to guarantee you never become a Pitchy McPitcherson

I’m often asked*:

“How often should I pitch in my emails?”

*about email. If we’re widening the scope of topics into non-email things, I’m also asked “how do you feel about prosciutto?”, and “what’s your favourite ever episode of ‘Terry and June’?”)

When it comes to pitching, there are successful people at both extremes.

First off, you have Gary Vee, who’s all about the value.

“If you build it*, they will come.”

* …and show it to the world on EVERY social media platform 87 times a day…

Then you’ve got folks like Ben Settle and Paul Mort who toss a pitch into pretty much every daily email they crank out.

Clearly, both work, but how do you find what works for YOU?

A rule that sits pretty well with me is to give more than you ask.

Whether that’s 51/49 or 99/1 is up to you.

What FEELS right?

66/33 seems a pretty good ratio – one pitch for every two “value” emails.

Give more than you ask and you can rest your head on your pillow every night knowing that you’re making the world a better place.

Yeah, I know…

How much of a pain in the derriere is it to read an email which can basically be summed up with the words, “go with your gut”?

Anyway… the point of this email.

You’ve been on my list a while, right?

How often do I pitch you anything?

That’s right. Hardly ever.

Brace yourself, because that’s about to change.

You ready?

Here goes…

I want you to think of someone who might enjoy my emails and…

… point them in my direction.

I know… 

As asks go, that was pretty tame.

I don’t even have anything for them – or you – to buy, but still…

… building my list is one of the things I’m focusing on.

(I really want to get to 1,000)

I’d really appreciate your help.

You’ve been here a while. You’ve seen my stuff. 

Is there anyone you can think of that would like it too?

I’m not asking you to do the whole “annoy the hell out of tag three of your friends and share it on Instagram, using the hashtag #DesperateCopywriter” approach.

Nah, just ponder on it for 6 or 7 seconds and, if you can think of someone who’d dig my brand of nonsense, send them to and ask them to sign up.

Maybe there’s something in the GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!! you think they’d love…

Maybe they’d enjoy the “TEYCSTW” weekly email…

Whatever it is, if you can think of someone, please send them my way.


Have a good Monday!