118… 119… 120! YES! I’m done

“Yeah, yeah… that Holt talks a good game, but I bet he never practices what he preaches…”

I’ll show you Mr (or Mrs) Smartypants…

About four days ago, I, rather generously, gave you this prompt in my TEYCSTW #4 email:

“Write an email about a quote/lesson you learned from your favourite guru/expert/thought leader…”

Time for my favourite lesson…

A couple of years ago, I bought the book “Atomic Habits”, by James Clear.

Odds are, you already know this, cos I’m always banging on about the bloody thing.

Here’s my extensive and comprehensive review – it’s ace. Buy it!

It’s so bloody good, I could probably write daily emails until 23rd July 2074 – each containing a different lesson I learned from the book…

… but I won’t do that.

Instead, in true innuendo fashion, I’m just going to give you one (WAHEY!)

The Two Minute Rule.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been using the term “game-changer” a lot lately, so I won’t use it again.

Suffice it to say that The Two Minute Rule has “effected a significant shift in my current way of doing things.”


Here’s the gist… no matter how formidable the task, braving it for two minutes – and ONLY two minutes – makes it far less intimidating.

I can do pretty much anything for two minutes…

… just ask your mum! BOOM!

(I’m sorry, that was rather indelicate. Forgive me. How is your mother? Is she well? Did she get that “bunyon” thing sorted out?)

The Two Minute Rule helps beat procrastination and makes things less scary. 

No matter what the task, you feel confident you can do it for two minutes…

… so you do.

Plonking your backside in a chair and writing for ONLY two minutes is less scary than having to write a full sales page.

Going out for a 120-second jog is waaaaay less daunting than having to run a full marathon.

When you get to 120 seconds… you stop and decide what to do.

If future-you wants to stop, you can stop. After all, you did what you set out to do – two minutes.

Odds are though, the “120 seconds in the future” version of you is going to think, “well… I’m here now… I might as well keep going…”.

Before you know it… sales page written… marathon completed…

… that’s not the goal though.

The goal isn’t to become a productivity beast…

… it’s to build the habit of being able to START.

It’s about getting comfortable with taking action and not letting fear and worry paralyse us.

The biggest barrier to getting stuff done is getting started.

The Two Minute Rule helps you eliminate that problem.

So… do me a favour…

Have a look at your to-do list, especially the stuff you’ve been bumping from day to day… to day… to day…

(I see you with your “update my accounts to the decimal system” to do)

There’s probably an email you’re not writing…

… or a course you’re putting off learning.

Whatever you’re procrastinating on, commit to working on it for just two minutes – and ONLY two minutes…

… and then see how you feel.