No matter how often I decide to email you going forward, I’ll keep sending you the “Three Emails You Can Send The Week” Sunday email.

It is, by a long stretch, the most helpful thing I can do for you.

(I’ve also decided to make Parkinson’s Law work for me – I’ll pick my new email schedule while writing this and then pop it in the P.S.)

If you’re playing “TEYCSTW” catch up, don’t forget that you can find these, and all the other “TEYCSTW” prompts in the catchily titled, “TEYCSTW” PDF in the GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!! (Link below)

Also, you can tell by the number three in the title that this is the third (yes, THIRD) week I’ve stuck with this… making it the 4th most committed relationship I’ve ever had in my life.

Shall we crack on with this weeks prompts?

1. My struggle

However good you are at your thing, there’s probably one aspect of it that you STILL struggle with…

… whether you’re the PT who hates burpees, the writer who keeps hitting the F***ING semi-colon key when aiming for an apostrophe or the colourblind bomb disposal expert.

(“What do you mean ‘cut the green one?’ THEY’RE BOTH BROWN!”).

What’s YOUR struggle with YOUR thing?

For me, I have trouble spotting “the line”. 

No matter how much experience I have performing magic and comedy, I’m appalling at judging when I’ve gone “too far”.

An example? Sure…

I was performing around the table at a wedding when an elderly lady walked behind me.

“I told you to wait in the car!”, I said with a light-hearted sternness that I thought she’d pick up on.

She didn’t.

She slapped me.

Another example? Why not?

I nearly titled this section “Be more Hitler” because of his notorious book “Mein Kampf” (Welsh for “My struggle”).

I have a wife who is great at spotting when I go over the line.

Unfortunately, I’m writing this at 5:17am… 

… and she won’t be up for another 3 hours or so…

(This could get interesting!)

Anyway, what’s YOUR struggle with the thing you do? 

Don’t cheat by picking the most common thing your customers struggle with, in the hopes it scores you some “rapport” points. 

Get real. Write one email this week digging into the thing you really struggle with.

Talk about how it makes you feel, what you’ve tried, what’s worked, what hasn’t.

Dig deep.

2. The 10 benefits of…

Write an email, telling your people 10 benefits of the results you get.

Not the benefits of YOUR service. 

I want you to be more general.

If you’re a gardener, write about the benefits of having a well-kept garden, NOT the benefits of hiring YOU to do it for them.

Talk about the pride they’ll feel when they look out of the window and see the beautiful lawn on a summers morning…

Write about how much they’ll enjoy having their own private place to escape to when the rest of the world is losing its shit and stressing them out…

Get them to imagine how nice it will feel to dig up a fresh lawn at 3am when they need to hide some damning evidence…

“Can’t I just slip a quick pitch in while I’m at it?”

No, you may not. 

Not this time.

Your customers aren’t idiots. If they want your help creating the garden of their dreams, they know where to find you.

Your goal isn’t to create the desire, it’s to tap into an existing one.

(^^^ THAT is far too meaty a topic to discuss here, but I’ve made a memo… I’ll get too it soon)

So, for this email, focus only on the benefits of the RESULT you provide.

No pitching, OK?

3. It’s one small step for a man…

Getting people to change is hard.

Getting people to make a BIG change is even harder.

You’re going to have a hard job motivating a lifelong, lazy, carb-loading, Netflix binging, couch potato to start getting up at 5am, ditching sugar, eating healthy and exercising for an hour a day.

Heck, even TYPING that made my buttocks twitch!

For most people though, the challenge is getting started. 

It’s not about a total transformation, it’s making one small, barely noticeable change… something they can easily maintain and build a bit of momentum with.

Give them that, and they’re on their way.

What’s the one super easy thing your ideal client can do – RIGHT NOW – that will get them on the right track?

Maybe it’s drinking a glass of water.

Maybe it’s reading 5 minutes of a positive book.

Maybe it’s writing in a journal.

Maybe it’s decluttering one item a day.

There’s something… something easy your people can do to make their life better.

What is it?

If you send any of these, do let me know how you get on.

I don’t expect any commission should they lead to any sales, but I will be holding out for an awkwardly long hug should we ever meet.

Have a great Sunday,


P.S. OK, so I’ve decided on a schedule.

I’ll go back to emailing you every Monday and Thursday, but I’ll shoot you the “TEYCSTW” one on a Sunday too.

Thrice-weekly OK with you?