The one thing that will KILL your business

“Wow. That’s amazing! I mean, it blows my mind. I have no idea how you can do that kind of stuff. It’s crazy!”

As a magician, you hear this kind of thing a lot, along with “you should be on Britain’s Got Talent…”, or the even more common, “why are you touching my wife’s thigh?”

After a while, you get numb to these kinds of compliments and thigh touching allegations.

In this case though, when the guy said it, I was shocked.

This wasn’t another drunk guy at a corporate event, sozzled out of his mind.

This guy was another performer. 

Not only that, but 20 minutes ago, he was hanging from the roof, performing daring aerial acrobatics and feats of physical strength – the kind of stuff that makes me sweat just thinking about them.

That’s REAL talent right there… putting your body on the line, every single night…

… at a Holiday Inn in Northampton.

I told him so. 

He wasn’t having any of it.

“No man, on stage it’s easy… a safe space. You… you have to go mingle and interact close up…”

“Yeah, but you have to go on stage, juggle and eat fire while holding onto a curtain… WITH YOUR FEET!”

“Nah, once you can do it, it’s just a case of doing it. But YOU…”

We went back and forth like this for a while.

Welcome to the “World’s Shittest Ego” competition!

(We both lost)

It made me realise how horrendous we often are at appreciating ourselves.

Somewhere, somehow… we forget how much work, effort and time we’ve put into our craft to get to where we are.

We’re brilliant at recognising talent, ability and skill in other people, but, when it comes to us…

… it’s like we have the world’s worst blindspot.

I can imagine someone interviewing Neil Armstrong…

“So, Neil… being the first man on the Moon is an amazing achievement. What was it like?”

“Amazing? Noooo. Not at all. Piece of cake. But you… the way you ask questions… with a pad and pen… while sat down in trousers – THAT’S amazing. How do you do that?”

If we’re going to succeed in business, we need to get past this. 

We need to get better at telling people why they should choose us.

Because some people SHOULD choose you. 

You deserve to be out there, and you do good work.

Don’t forget that.


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