The #1 reason people aren’t replying to your emails

“I’m not getting much engagement on my emails… Do you think it’s the font?”


“Should I change the colour of the border from salmon pink to Fuschia.”

“I don’t think that’s it.”

“Are they too long?”

“No… they’re pretty well written. Better than most actually.”

“Thanks. Hang on… you know what I’m doing wrong, don’t you?”


“Then why are you being a dick about it?”

“Because it will make for a better opening to my email…”


Whenever someone complains about lack of engagement, I can usually pinpoint the problem with one question:

“What did you ask them to do?”

The response is usually some variant of:

“Well… I didn’t *technically* ask them to do anything…”.

If you want people to reply to your email, ask them to reply. 

Simple as that. 

That crappy inspirational quote on Insta was right – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Make it easy for them to tap the magic arrow and bash out a response and you’ll get some.

Don’t make people jump through hoops – this isn’t Crufts.

“Yes or no?”“Would that be of interest?” are good ways to ask.

“On a scale of 1 – 3,253, how interested would you be EXACTLY? Please make sure to indicate your level of interest (to the nearest ten decimal places) and write it on parchment paper (53gsm ONLY), making sure it’s delivered – by a horseback courier called Jeff – to the following address… on the planet Neptune…”

… would be bloody terrible.

Next time you email, ask a simple question that has an easy response – a response they can send – right there while sitting on the toilet. 

(Don’t make that face. Where do you read your emails?)

Don’t give them something to “come back to later”… because they won’t.

Anyway… I want to make sure these emails are useful to you, so before you get up… 

… would you like me to write more about engaging your audience via email?

 Would that be of use?

Yay or nay? 

Let me know.