You need to pay attention to this skill

I started learning copywriting because I was so sick and tired of explaining to clients how I was different from every other magician out there.

(Every magician has a “unique blend of magic and entertainment” apparently…)

I didn’t want to look like “a magician”. I wanted to be me.

So, I started learning about copywriting – specifically, how to write in my own voice.

For me, that’s really what copywriting comes down to.

Yes… you want to use psychology and persuasion to get the reader to take action, and yes… there are lots of skills you can learn to make your writing more impactful, but…

… if you’re a business owner, what you’re shooting for is for your customer to read the words – on your website, or in your emails – and have a clear picture of what it’d be like to work with YOU.

You want them to read your words and think, “I’ve gotta work with this guy!”

What I noticed was, after I started adding little bits here and there to my website, people DID start to say stuff like:

“After I got your email, I knew I had to work with you!”

“Once I saw your bit about ‘Uncle Dave’ on your wedding page, I had to email you…”

I always got this kind of enthusiasm at gigs.

(I do very weird stuff at gigs… I once got an email that began, “You might not remember us, but we saw you at Everton… you kept stroking my wife’s thigh…”)

… but it wasn’t until I learned about copywriting that I started getting them from my words too.

Get your words right… and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Get your words right… and you actually give your customers a reason to choose YOU, rather than the other guy.

Get your words right… and your perfect clients will seek you out.

Get your words right… by sending me a message.