The Holt persuasion technique in action…

It’s 5am and my 10-year-old is sat next to me.

I’ve been getting up at 5am for a few weeks now, as finding quiet moments during the day during Lockdown when you’re a parent is like trying to find a quiet moment during the day during Lockdown when you’re a parent.

It’s the mental equivalent of trying to relax on an idyllic beach while angry natives shoot at you.

It’s 5:03 now. I’ve tried to encourage my daughter to go to bed and get some rest.

So far, I’ve failed miserably.

Time for the famed Holt persuasion skills to work their magic…

She’s just asked to put the TV on.

“Actually, this is the time daddy does his writing, sweetie, so would it be OK to leave it off for a bit longer, my precious darling?”

… I roared.


So… she’s not disturbing me with YouTube – great!

She’s just sat there, stroking the pages of two oversize cookery books that she’s trying – and failing – to balance on her lap.

… stroking the pages… at a strange, uneven rhythm that, some would consider “mildly distracting”…

(Others would deem it as “fucking annoying”)

She just dropped one of the books again.

“I like being quiet in the morning… it’s nice… calm…. peaceful. I can hear birds. Can you hear the birds? I wonder what kind of birds they are… I saw a blue…”

“OK, buttercup… I suppose half an hour of YouTube won’t hurt…”, I interjected…

… authoritatively.

Great copy focuses on the needs of the audience. It finds pain points and agitates the hell out of them until they just… can’t… take… it… ANYMORE!

Great copy gets under their skin and then compels them to act.

Maybe, one day, she’ll teach me how to do it.

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