The Psychiatrist was LYING to me?

The psychiatrist leaned back in his chair. “So, John… I think that’s everything… unless there’s anything else?”

“Actually…”, I said, “… there is one more thing…”.

Even though we’d been talking for over an hour, and the psychiatric ward was getting busier (lunchtime was approaching), there WAS something else I wanted to ask.

“You’re into exercise, aren’t you?”

“Yeah.”, he replied, reaching for his bag… 

(I’m pretty sure he didn’t need to do a sun salutation into full splits to reach for it… but he did anyway)

“What’s the most effective exercise to start losing weight?”

“To REALLY lose weight, you need to get into the ‘fat burning zone’…”.

I wouldn’t know it for another ten years, but… he was lying to me.


In 2005, (I think, I can’t be arsed to check) I was a psychiatric support worker on a mental health ward.

I was also a bit of a porker. 

If I wanted to learn how to lose weight, I was in a good place.

(vocationally, not mentally – in 2005, I was an absolute car crash of a human being!)

Qualified health professionals surrounded me, so I decided to pick a few brains.

Almost everyone talked of the mythical “fat-burning zone” – a charmed, magical realm, where your body devoured fat to use as energy.

“Exercise at about 66.253% of your max BPM…”, they’d say. I’d nod, praying that BPM stood for “Bounty’s Per Minute”.

(I loooove coconut!)

“You should be able to have a conversation, but not sing while exercising…”, they’d suggest.

So, there I was… running down the promenade at Blackpool… with my graph paper and calculator, calculating my BPM… 

… seeing if I was able to belt out a passable rendition of “Ave Maria” (I have to be honest, I was struggling with the chorus), just to check I’d not ventured into “Anaerobic land”.

In Anaerobic land you don’t burn fat, your body eats up your muscles for energy… also, in Anaerobic land, Harvey Keitel comes round to your house and rearranges your teatowel drawer.

Anaerobic land was a dreadful place apparently – like going to Primark when there’s a sale on. 

In 2005, EVERY health professional, diet book and exercise video talked about the “fat-burning zone”…

… and they were WRONG! 

In fact, given what we know now about the benefits of high-intensity exercise, they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Just because someone is knowledgeable, honest, and helpful… doesn’t make them correct.

It’s worth thinking about how this applies to your business. For example, here’s something I hear a lot:

“If I start emailing my list, I’ll get a ton of unsubscribes…”

You’ve said this yourself, haven’t you? Unsubscribes are bad.

(FYI – the collective term for unsubscribes is called a “disenchantment”)

When it comes to your list, you want the numbers going up, not down, right? Trouble is, if you start emailing, your numbers are gonna sink faster than 2005-me into a bucket of Haagen Dazs…

Waaaaaiit a second.

Let’s stop for a moment and look at what’s REALLY going on here. 

Let’s start by filling in some blanks…

“If I start emailing my list, I’ll get a ton of unsubscribes [from people who forgot they subscribed or no longer want to hear from me]…”

Is this bad? 


Here’s the thing – whether you email them or not, you’re shelling out money – every single month – for people to stay on your list.

Why would you pay for someone to be on there who doesn’t want to be there? They’re taking up valuable real estate AND costing you money you could use elsewhere!

These people are NEVER going to buy from you, so why give them your mental – and monetary – attention?

Even if you didn’t want to go “all in” on email, I’d still recommend sending a blast out once in a while, just to clean up your list and get rid of the dead weight.

(You SHOULD be emailing your list though… let’s talk)

When we have a niggle in our business, our first instinct is to fix it.

The “Fat burning zone” is a good reminder to look deeper.

What’s really going on here? 

What am I worried about? 

Is this a problem or could it actually be a benefit?

Do this often enough and you’ll notice something…

… some ‘problems’ aren’t even problems at all…

Have a munificent Monday,



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