I wasted YEARS of my life…

As soon as I made the decision to give comedy a go, I was hunting for a gig… even though I’d not written a single joke.

(If you just thought, “I’ve seen your posts… you still haven’t written a joke”… dock yourself 3 points)

I dove straight in, not because I’m a productive beast of a man, but because I’d learned my lesson – I wasn’t going to make the same mistake I made when becoming a magician.

When I got into magic, I’d spend hours learning secrets, browsing forums, chatting to other magicians and practising moves.

It felt productive. It felt like I was making progress.

Thing is… I’d never get to the point where I perfected every element of a trick – the moves, blocking and script – to be able to actually PERFORM it for people. 

When I made the decision to actually become a magician… that’s when it hit me – I’d learned naff all. 

All I had were a bunch of half-assed tricks and moves that wouldn’t fool a blindfolded Stevie Wonder, looking in the wrong direction from 3 miles away.

I was “dabbling”. 

Ergh. I hate that word.

I’d been “learning” magic for years, but had NOTHING to show for it.

I wasn’t going to make the same mistake with comedy…

“Write jokes… get stage time… ask for feedback” – that’s it. Everything else is wasting time.

So, I booked my first gig and got writing.

(Even though it’s not essential to the story, my ego wants to tell you that this approach worked so well, I won the “Liverpool new comedian of the year” award on only my third ever gig… 

… but I won’t tell you that because I like to think that I’m spiritually and emotionally developed enough to let it go without boasting…


Pareto’s Principle… The 80/20… The Vital Few… 

… I don’t care what you call it. For every goal, there are certain actions that count more than others… 

… more than MOST.

Got a goal? Good. 

If the government passed a law dictating that you could only take ONE action towards achieving it, what would that action be?

What REALLY matters? 

What are the few things that are crucial to you succeeding? 

Not “maybe would help”, but VITAL? 

Sometimes it’s tempting to blitz a few of the smaller, easier items off our todo list, just to get a small dopamine hit and feel like we’re making progress, but it’s helpful to remember that it’s not the NUMBER of actions you take that counts…

… it’s the IMPACT of those actions that matter.

Everything is NOT equal.

It doesn’t matter whether you take one action or 3,253 actions… 

What is the most important, most impactful thing you can do – right now – to get closer to achieving your dream?