The EXACT script I use to land clients

“How much do you charge?”



“… you’re a mate though, so I won’t charge you that. How about £750?

Having said that, times are hard at the moment… £500?

Also, aren’t you a Capricorn who drives a red Fiat AND lactose intolerant? Let’s make it £250!

Oh, I forgot – you’re in the States, aren’t you? Let’s just call it $250…

Mind you… the fees and exchange rate will eat into most of that…

Why don’t I just do it for free?

… and give you $250 for your time?”

If you want to get better at sales, you probably don’t need to learn a new “close”…

… or persuasion technique to win over clients.

If you’re anything like me…

… you probably just need to learn when to shut your mouth and stop talking.

(In this case, at “OK.”)