How to avoid the B.S. detectors

“Usually this costs $499,997, but today, because you’re wearing a hat and your name rhymes with ‘Deginald’, it’s only $37!”

We read a sales page and everything’s going well – we’re nodding our head, agreeing with everything they say and reaching for our already maxed-out credit card when…


“I know we said we’d sold out, but we’ve just found a box containing 50 copies of this limited edition PDF in our warehouse…”

…and there it is.


…or, to put it more politely…

“I’ve seen this before. I know what’s coming next.”

If your audience thinks they know where you’re headed, they’re going to stop reading. 

And you’re buggered if they do that.

Your job is to keep them engaged and alert – like they’ve got front row seats to a discus throwing competition for the blind.

Write stuff that makes them WANT to keep reading, to find out what happens.

There’s an easy way to do this…

Write in YOUR voice. In YOUR style. 

Don’t be lazy and copy other people’s templates and ideas.

They wanna hear from YOU.

How would YOU say this?

Don’t worry about it being “perfect” – it ain’t about grammar. 

It’s about writing something that spurs YOUR audience to take action. 

You can’t do that if they’ve buggered off because they spotted your template.