If you hate writing about your business…

I know what I want to WANT on my website, but when I try and write it, it looks all business-y, sales-y and a bit… ‘Ewwwww’. I hate it!”

That’s the hard thing about writing – YOU know what you do, why you do it and who you do it for, but when it comes to writing it down so other people can understand it, we go a bit nuts.

What started as “Hi! I’m Bill. I bloody love whittling!”, ends up (after running it through Grammarly, Hemingway and your 3rd year English teacher) looking like, “Hello there! My first name is Bill, short for William. I am rather partial – fond if you will – to spending elongated periods shaping former pieces of woodland into recognisable objects…”

It’s like you’ve somehow taken your perfectly normal words and run them through a “complete and utter shite” filter.

In my GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!! (patent pending, though still not applied for), I have a guide to writing better emails. I’ll put a link in the first comment in case you fancy having a look. Whether you do or don’t though, I’ll give you one of the tips now:


If your tendency when writing is to end up creating something like Bill (“short for William”) above, you need to relax.

Imagine you’re talking to a good mate and you’re two drinks in. What would you say then?

Note – I said “SAY”, not “WRITE”.

Don’t write it down – SAY IT OUT LOUD!

Use the REAL ACTUAL words you’d use if you were talking to a REAL ACTUAL human.

Stand up, hit “record” on your voice memo and tell me, your new best mate, what you do.

This works for EVERYTHING you need to write –

*Got something you want to get across in a post? Start with the takeaway – what do you need to tell them? If you suddenly realised you had to tell your mate this, and you were sat in a bar, what would you say?

*Need to create a sales page? Stand up and talk through everything you want to get across. Talk, out loud, about the problems your customer is having, what they dream about, how your new thing can help and what they need to do next. You can worry about structure later.

Why is this important?

People don’t remember what you said, or what you did, but they sure as hell remember how you made them FEEL…

… and “…shaping former pieces of woodland into recognisable objects…” isn’t going to hit people in the feels.

You need to give customers a reason to choose you. It’s not about being funny. It’s about giving people a feeling of what you’re about.


  • Relax
  • Imagine you’re talking to a good friend
  • Talk out loud

Do those three things and you’ll never look at your writing and go “Ewwwwwwwww!” again.

(If you still find the idea of creating words scary or hard, let me know and I’ll do it for you! I’ll write words that sound like YOU wrote them!)