That time I was fired from the Police…

“The murderer is… the gardener!”

I was sure, but it turns out I was wrong. Even worse, this one mistake would cost me my job in the Police Force.

Game over.


“Want to play again?”, the machine teased.

I did.

“Welcome Detective Inspector…”

A new game was afoot…

I was in primary school when I saw my first computer. I have no idea how old I was, but I think I was in Mrs Glover’s class, so that would make me 9 or 10.

I think we got a ZX Spectrum 48k at home a few weeks later, but the BBC Micro is the one I remember, with its black keyboard (with a slight hint of a monobrow of red at the top).

By today’s standards, the BBC Micro would be the equivalent of visiting your accountant and seeing an abacus on their desk.

There were no graphics in the game – it was all text.

There was no handheld controller or ergonomic gaming chair – just me and my mate Oliver, slowly single finger tapping the keys, stretching from our chairs.

No downloadable content. No online, multi-player functionality.

Just two friends, playing detective, pointing the finger and getting demoted a rank for every wrong guess we make.

So much fun.

Even today, just writing this makes me want to Google “BBC emulator detective game” and see what comes up.

In fact…


I’m going to have to wrap this up sharpish, as all I can think about now is playing that game again…

Here goes…

Even when surrounded by glorious tech, it’s often the simple things that make us smile.

We’re not just after the latest and greatest, the glitz and the glam.

We’re looking for something that makes us FEEL a certain way – something beyond megabytes, download speed and whatjamacallits.

It’ll be the same with your customers.

It’s the little things they’ll remember – the small, personal touches, whether it’s a handwritten note with their order, or a quick phone call to see how they’re getting on.

It’s the simple stuff that counts.

Sure, sometimes you gotta have the latest piece of kit, with all the gimmicks and gadgets, but sometimes…

… Sometimes you just want to remember what it feels like to be 10 years old, typing “GO NORTH”, one key at a time.