The compelling power of two simple words

“I’m launching my ‘Google Drive of Awesomeness’ on Monday.”

“So what?”

“Well… it’s a collection of comedy writing tools and resources business owners can use to put a smile on their customer’s faces.”

“So what?”

“Don’t you see? If you can make your customers smile, they’re going to like you.”

“So what?”

“If they like you, they’re far more likely to trust you and become fans.”

“So what?”

“OH MY GOD! WHY ARE YOU NOT GETTING THIS? Look, if your audience like you, they’re going to listen to you.

They’re going to trust you.

If they trust you, you’ve got a better chance of turning them into paying customers. More customers mean more money. Not only that, because you’re using humour along the way, you actually make the whole process easier and more fun for both of you.

Putting a smile on your customer’s faces is the first step in achieving all this, and I will show you how to do that – for FREE.

The ‘Google Drive of Awesomeness’ is an ever-expanding resource of simple, easy to implement, comedy techniques that you can use to win more customers, earn more money and have much more fun while doing it – even if you’ve never written a joke before…




“You should’ve opened with that. How do I sign up?”