Make your audience work

In magic, we have a saying:

“Make it as EASY as possible for your audience”.

When writing sales copy, the opposite can be true.

You don’t have to make it obvious.

I was helping someone with a project recently. The idea of treating the audience as an “insider” was a compelling hook. In this case, the audience desperately wants to be part of the “in crowd”.

How do you do that?

Talk to them as if you’re on the same level as you.

Occasionally use buzz words, slang and jargon that only “people like us” understand.

Let them fill in some blanks for themselves.

Don’t do this so much that they can’t understand what you’re on about…

(remember, they’re not actually “there” yet)

…but give them enough to make them work a little.

Remember how it felt when you’re sat watching Columbo with the whole family and YOU worked out who the killer was before anyone else?

It felt GOOD, didn’t it? SATISFYING.

You solved it!

You see, your brain rewards you for solving worthy problems with a small hit of dopamine.

Make your audience work for it in your copy and you’ll give them a dopamine hit all of their own.

Now, not only are they feeling fantastic, but they’re more mentally engaged – while on your sales page!

That’s a good thing, right?