“You HAVE to write something on this new story please”

…said the message in my inbox.

Challenge accepted.

The whole thing reminds me of a street performing saying,

“It’s better to ask for forgiveness, than permission”

Translation – you wanna do something? Just do it. If it’s wrong, you can always apologise later.

The chap in the newspaper has garnered himself quite a lot of publicity from this stunt – without much risk.

You might think that taking on the nations biggest supermarkets is a bold move, but if he complies with their “cease and desist” request, what’s he risking?


He names his shop. He gets a solicitors letter. He changes the shop’s name.

To be honest, I bet he’s gutted Morrison’s gave their blessing to “Morrisingh’s”. If they’d kicked off, he could’ve got even more publicity by changing it to “OddSinghs” or something.

The real work in this whole thing is working out just how many shop related puns are possible with the name “Jel Singh Nagra”.

Can you come up with any more?

(I have to be honest, I was pushing it a bit with “OddSinghs”. Forgive me, it’s late)