I've been thinking about your emails

I was chatting with someone recently (on Messenger, lest you mistake me for the sociable sort) about email.

Specifically about FREQUENCY and IDEAS.

Probably the two biggest blocks business owners have when it comes to clicking “SEND”.

Let’s have a quick look at both, starting with FREQUENCY.

Email is a strange beast. Some people can email you every day and it’s always a pleasure. When you see their name in your inbox, you pop the kettle on, turn the TV off and time travel back to 1982, just so you can take the phone off the hook.

Other folks? Not so much. Even though they only email you once every six months, it still seems like you’re at an East End market, being pitched at from all angles.

(I did come up with a much cruder metaphor for that. You should be grateful I didn’t use it.)

Here’s the truth – it’s NEVER the frequency.

If you’re feeling yucky about sending a weekly email to your list, something’s wrong. You need to have a look at your approach.

People have signed up to hear from you. They WANT to hear from you.

These are YOUR people, so what’s making you feel icky?

  • Do you only ever email when you have something to pitch?
  • Do you ever give your audience something that will make their life better?
  • Are you suffering from imposter syndrome and wondering why the hell anyone would want to hear from you?
  • Is there a specific benefit to each email, or are you just typing because, “Fuck it – it’s Monday, I’ve nothing better to do and besides, I’m paying $29 a month for ConvertKit, so I might as well send SOMETHING out?

When it comes to selling, email is a fabulous tool, but you need to CONNECT with your audience and DELIVER them value first.

You need to make their lives better for having you in their inbox.

Which brings us to IDEAS…

“I’m worried that I’m going to run out of ideas”

Everyone thinks that.

And then they force themselves to write. To look around. To pay attention and look for connections between things.

Specifically, connections between things and your skill/product/market/audience.

Connections, stories and lessons are everywhere…

…but you have to look for them.

So start taking notes about the things you see, hear and read. Start looking for ways in which this CONNECTS with your audience. It will help you serve them better and – who knows – maybe you’ll get a new product out of it?

If you make a habit of looking for connections and ways to genuinely show up and serve your people, you’ll never have to worry about writer’s block or question whether you’re sending too many emails ever again.