Comedians are always on the lookout for a fresh angle.

Magicians want to surprise and amaze.

Being a magician AND a comedian, I want to do both – in pretty much everything I do.

(You should see how I make a cup of coffee. No spoilers, but it involves three doves, a 12″ steel tube, 1 litre of jam and a rather agile lady called Beryl)

As a result, I’m constantly on the lookout for the new and surprising things.

In this case, the thing I’m referring to is the “thing” I’ve been teasing over the last few emails.

You see, I wanted to give you something to say “Thank you” for being a subscriber and allowing me to penetrate your inbox.

(I is quite the charmer, ain’t I?)

What usually happens in the online world is that this thank you takes the form of a lead magnet – a PDF, video or template that acts as a reward for you handing over your 17th favourite email address.

When I work with clients on their emails, we also create a nurturing email sequence based around their lead magnet.

A good nurturing sequence :

  • Shows the reader how to get their most from the download,
  • Delivers even more value and ideas,
  • Builds trust and rapport, so they’re happy to see you in their inbox every six months when you suddenly realise…

“Shit. Don’t I have a MailChimp account or something…?”

When it comes to my own list though – to you lovely people – I haven’t done any of this.

Sure, I’m not a total doofus. For example, despite not having a nurturing sequence or enticing lead magnet, I still –

  • Send out emails every Monday and Thursday, so you get used to seeing me in your inbox,
  • Write about things that you’ll find useful so that you don’t totally regret clicking “open”,
  • Try not to be too pitchy, asking you to buy something every 28 words.

Even though these are good email habits, the urge to surprise and do something different remains…

What could I do that would feel fresh and new, as well as surprise you?

And then I had an idea…

(If you could make a fanfare noise now, that would be absolutely delightful)

“The GoogleDrive of Awesomeness!!!!”

(Yes, the four exclamation points are absolutely vital)

“This sounds very interesting. Could you please explain more about this ‘Google Drive of Awesomeness?'”

“You forgot the exclamation points.”

“Sorry…’!!!’. Better now?”


One of the problems of getting subscribers via a lead magnet is that most of the time, as soon as they download it, they immediately sod off, clicking the unsubscribe button faster than Usain Bolt driving a Bugatti, downhill on the Autobahn.

I thought about this problem for a while, trying to find a solution.

Here’s an idea…

What if, instead of sending just one PDF when people sign up, I create a folder online that subscribers have access to – somewhere I can continually add new ideas and training?

That way, subscribers would have to remain on my list to access all the goodies.

I’m not sure if this idea is a winner or not, but it’s worth a trial, right?

So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ll create a GoogleDrive (of Awesomeness!!!! – don’t forget that bit) and create some pieces of training, just for you folk.

These will be a mix of videos, PDF’s and templates – stuff that you’ll find useful.

The best thing is, as this will be a living and breathing “thing”, I’m open to suggestions about what you’d like to learn, so feel free to send me an email with anything you’re struggling with and I might create something, just for you!

So, what do you think? Genius idea? Preposterous? Wasn’t paying attention and mindlessly scrolled to the bottom of the email, to see if there was a freebie?

I’d appreciate it if you hit reply and let me know,