u ok hun?

As a copywriter, I should be jumping all over the “OMG! LINKEDIN IS DOWN!” bandwagon.

I should be getting you in a panic by saying stuff like:

‘You see? This is what happens when you use other people’s platforms – it goes down and you lose EVERYTHING!’

Or maybe I’d take a more subtle approach:

‘Wouldn’t it be great to be able to market your services even when LinkedIn legs it, Facebook falls or Grindr grinds to a halt?”

Truth is, if you had a decent email list…

(and by “decent” I mean one that’s:

  • active [note – not “massive”],
  • happy with – and used to – you being in their inbox, and
  • open to reading your offers)

…you wouldn’t have cared about LinkedIn being down, but let’s ignore that for now.

So what if LinkedIn was down for a few hours?

Was it really that much of a big deal?

So you couldn’t post a photo of the god awful breakfast you had at your 5 AM networking meeting.

So you couldn’t congratulate Nigel on his 13 years as Master of the Universe and Chief Stock Replenishment Coordinator at Lidl.

So what?

You could still open up Notepad and write some amazing content.

You could still make sales calls.

You could still have finally logged into that “100X Your Vine account on
Google Plus”
Udemy course you bought in 2013.

As I said, I SHOULD be using this as an opportunity to scare you into upping your email game (and if you want to do that, we should talk), but I’m not going to.

What I would say is that, if LinkedIn going down for a few hours meant that you needed defib paddles and 2 doses of Epinephrine to make it through the afternoon, you should probably have a think about that.